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  Applied Mobile Application Design and Prototyping Course

Level of Effort:3 Semester Hours or 5 Quarter Hours
Course Level:Intermediate
Prerequisites:Introduction to Web Development, HTML, and CSS
Adoption/Use:Mobile Application Design
Subject Area:Information Technology, Mobile Development, Web Development
Release Version:2020-1
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Course Description

This competency-based course will provide students with the "hands-on" skills to plan, design, and prototype mobile applications using the client-side web development languages HTML5 and CSS3, and a JavaScript Library. Students learn to structure mobile applications that include headers, footers, toolbars, navbars, lists, forms, grids, panels, and widgets. Students will create designs and themes for mobile device applications. The course will culminate in the plan, design, and prototype construction of an enterprise mobile application.

Course Topics

  Learning Objectives and Competencies

Upon completion of the course students will be able to:

  1. Setup a computer for mobile application design and prototyping
  2. Implement tools and technologies for prototyping mobile applications
  3. Add pages to mobile application prototypes
  4. Add and work with links in mobile application prototypes
  5. Add headers, footers, and navigation to mobile application prototypes
  6. Add and work with lists in mobile application prototypes
  7. Modify and enhance mobile application prototypes
  8. Add and work with forms in mobile application prototypes
  9. Add grids, panels, tabs, and popups to mobile application prototypes
  10. Simulate working with a database in mobile application prototypes
  11. Make configuration changes and work with methods and events in mobile application prototypes
  12. Implement designs and themes in mobile application prototypes
  13. Design a mobile application using navigation flow charts and storyboards
  14. Design and build a functional mobile application prototype

Course Deliverables

Course Curriculum Design1
Course Syllabus1
Course Schedule Plan
(8, 10, and 16 week plans)
Course Learning Modules16
Course Assessment Rubrics4
Competencies and Objectives Map
(Maps Competencies and Objectives to Learning Activities and Assessments)

Learning Activities

Learning ActivityQuantityNotes
Hands-On Workshops5 
Discussion Boards9Graded Assessments
Lab Exercises87 Graded Assessments
Course Project Activities72 Graded Assessments