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  Applied JavaScript Course

Level of Effort:3 Semester Hours or 5 Quarter Hours
Course Level:Intermediate
Prerequisites:Introduction to Web Development, HTML, and CSS
Adoption/Use:Introduction to JavaScript
Subject Area:Information Technology, Web Development
Release Version:2020-1
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Course Description

This competency-based course will provide students with the "hands-on" skills to design, develop, test, and support interactive web pages using the JavaScript procedural language. Students learn through a series of hands-on workshops and lab exercises to structure and code JavaScript, build and use custom functions, test, debug, and validate programming code, and work with objects, events, and the Document Object Model (DOM). Students will format data using the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). The course will culminate in the design and development of a comprehensive and functional interactive web page.

Course Topics

  Learning Objectives and Competencies

Upon completion of the course students will be able to:

  1. Setup a computer for JavaScript development
  2. Create JavaScript Code
  3. Properly use variables in JavaScript code
  4. Use good JavaScript coding techniques and create code that is readable
  5. Design and build JavaScript custom functions
  6. Create and properly use conditional statements and loops
  7. Build and work with timers and closures
  8. Properly use variable scope
  9. Log JavaScript message in the console for debugging
  10. Test and debug JavaScript code
  11. Work with objects such as arrays, strings, primitives, numbers, and dates
  12. Get and set object properties
  13. Create and extend objects
  14. Create and work with object classes
  15. Work with and use Booleans, stricter operators, and null and undefined variables
  16. Create and work with JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
  17. Find and modify elements in the Document Object Model (DOM)
  18. Modify CSS style using JavaScript
  19. Traverse the DOM and create and remove elements in the DOM
  20. Work with events, event propagation, and interruption
  21. Work with mouse, keyboard, and page load events
  22. Work with and handle multiple events
  23. Develop an interactive web page using JavaScript

Course Deliverables

Course Curriculum Design1
Course Syllabus1
Course Schedule Plan
(8, 10, and 16 week plans)
Course Learning Modules16
Course Assessment Rubrics3
Competencies and Objectives Map
(Maps Competencies and Objectives to Learning Activities and Assessments)

Learning Activities

Learning ActivityQuantityNotes
Hands-On Workshops4 
Discussion Boards5Graded Assessments
Lab Exercises10Graded Assessments
Course Project Activities21 Graded Assessment