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  Pre-Built Courses

Pre-Built Courses

We offer high quality pre-built courses that are current, complete, and ready to be uploaded into your LMS today or start teaching in the classroom!

  Advantages / Benefits

  Course Deliverables - What You Receive

  Available Pre-Built Courses

We currently have five courses available with more courses under development and coming soon!

The following courses are in development and coming soon!

  Course Integrity

How we ensure the integrity of our courses

  Course Subject Areas

We will be developing courses in following areas:

  Purchase Process

Here is how to purchase a pre-built course:

  1. Contact Us - Let us answer all your questions.
  2. Sign Purchase/License Agreement.
  3. Initiate Transaction:
    • Submit Organizational Purchase Order; OR
    • Submit Payment via Credit Card or Check
  4. Download Course / Start Teaching
  5. If purchased with Purchase Order, we will invoice you.