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  Pre-Built Courses

What do you mean when you say that the projects, lab exercises, and assessments are based on "real-world" projects?  

When we develop these learning activities and assessments, we don't just ask students a question about the subject or just ask them to show how they would do a task. We give them a "real-world" scenario and ask them to solve it. For example, in our web development course the students build a website for a fictitious company throughout most of the course, such as for a restaurant. Each learning activity in the course covers a specific skill set. For the learning activity on building "web tables", they could be tasked to build the webpage for their website that provides a list of items that is served in the restaurant which would be contained in a "web table". In doing this task, the students will learn how to build web tables using a "real-world" scenario. This could be similar to a task that a future employer may assign them after they graduate.

Are there any tests built into your courses?  

No. All of the assessments are competency-based.

Which LMS's can your courses be uploaded into?  

Our courses can be uploaded into any LMS that has the capability to upload files and copy and paste text into the courses. As far as we know, most if not all LMS's that are currently used have this capability.

How difficult is it to upload one of your pre-built courses into an LMS and how long does it take?  

It is easy as copying and pasting from one document to another. Most instructional designers and instructors develop courses using word processors and other tools on a computer and then copy and paste them into the LMS. In regards to graphics and other files, LMS's usually have very easy methods to upload files into a course. It will usually take two to four hours to upload a course, depending on your familiarity with the LMS. And keep in mind that this is usually a one time task.

Your site mentions that the courses are easily customizable and brandable. In what way are they customizable? Can you give some examples?  

Institutions can easily add, edit, or delete content from the courses. You can change the course name, number, and description to meet your school's standard conventions. If you want to add some additional examples or change the assessments, they are structured in a way so that can be easily accomplished by the schools. We also provide a robust syllabus for each course. It is very easy to modify the syllabus to add your school's information such as program prerequisites, instructor information, schedule, and school policies. These are all very easy customizations you can make.